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Read Our Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

If you have any questions about pests or pest control, read the answers provided by the experts at Protec Pest Control.

Q: Why should we hire a professional for pest control?

A: Pests are a resilient bunch and are adept at hiding and entering a home in places you would never think. A pest control expert will know where to look for pests and will implement best practices to prevent or eliminate pests. You can count on a licensed pest professional to use pesticides for pest control.

Q: How long does it take to show the results of pest control treatment?
A: Results may vary based on the type of pest and treatment methods as well as products used. For example, when a yellow jacket nest is removed or treated with a pesticide, immediate results can be seen. However, the results will be seen in a long time when baits are used for ants, rodents, and termites because the pests should ingest the product for it to be effective. Your pest control expert will identify your expectations and will accordingly suggest the treatment.

Q: What is the difference between a bait treatment and spray treatment?
A: Bait treatment is an ideal approach if you do not prefer the use of liquid chemicals in your home. The type of pest, the severity of the problem, and other factors determine the type of treatment a pest control expert should implement.

Q: Why do fleas, ticks, and bed bugs require more than one treatment to control?
A: Fleas, ticks, and bed bugs are highly mobile pests and can be carried easily between locations or within a property. Identifying the source of the infestation and taking appropriate steps to ensure a re-infestation does not occur, may need multiple service visits.

Q: If there is one mouse in my home, will there be more?
A: Mice proliferate quickly and live in large families, typically of 7 to 20. They have small territories, with a maximum of 30 feet in any direction from their nesting site. Mice produce, on an average, 70 droppings and 3000 micro-droplets of urine every 24 hours, which can cause major health issues.

Q: What can be a possible reason if I have heard a noise in my attic?
A: If you have heard the noise at night, it usually means mice. These mice commonly cause noises at night, especially in your attic. If you hear a noise in the attic in the day, it may be because of squirrels. Louder sounds indicate even larger animals, such as raccoons or rats.

The noise during the day may also be because of squirrels or birds. They are active during the day and usually leave in the morning, return occasionally, and then return for good in the evening. Other pests, such as insects, usually only make noise if it is an especially large infestation.

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